Wide Format Printing

lfpWe print on a range of media and are continuously adding more print substrates once available.

Media types available:


This is usually used for Backdrops, Birthday signs, Advertising banners,Trailer advertising

SIZE DOESN”T MATTER. Rolls are available in sizes up to 1.6 Wide.  Should you require sizes that are greater than the custom roll sizes we will have the print welded for a perfectly finished print.


bullzeye16x16NON CURL PVC

This is a quality PVC specifically used for Roll-up banners.

• Our Roll-up stands are available in Econo or luxury and supplied in a carry case.

• Print Size –  850x2000mm

• Theses prints can easily be replaced when ever required.



Used for general Stickers/Decals/Labels, Bubble stickers, Name badges Window Graphix, Disc holders, Vehicle branding, One way vision, Vehicle Magnetics. Basically any application that require adhesive backing with short or long term uses.


bullzeye16x16ART CANVAS

Excellent for printing of Family pics, Studio shoots, Wedding Photos or just giving your office that extra touch. These prints can be stretched mounted by us or taken away for framing



Transform any Home, Office wall into your personal realm. Ideal for branding in restuarants, reception areas and creating aesthetically pleasing wall art.


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